Yemeni Brotherhood Presents Acts of Obedience to Turkey… Details

Khaled Al-Barmawi, a specialist in digital media, affirmed that there has been an old Brotherhood trend in using social media platforms, which emerged at the beginning of the millennium. They used to own multiple websites at the regional level in the periods before 2011. He explained that after 2011, they started having satellite channels and investing in these channels. However, after the tightening in the past 5 years, they have turned intensely to electronic platforms.

Al-Barmawi, during his dialogue with journalist Osama Kamal on the program “Masaa DMSC” on the screen of “DMSC”, stated that the criticism and posts opposing the state are paid for by the Brotherhood. He clarified that the online space was a sanctuary for the terrorist group, and they exaggerate events and put them in situations and contexts to create crises.

He emphasized that there is a striking of the interests of an entire people, emphasizing that the “Ras Al-Hikma” investment deal demonstrated the approach of the terrorist group in distorting anything positive, and they target any word with a positive aspect about Egypt, as reported by “Al-Sada” website.

He explained that the online space was a sanctuary for the terrorist group, and they exaggerate events and put them in situations and contexts to create crises.

He continued: Brotherhood committees launch a direct attack on anyone who speaks positively about the state, explaining that the process of political, economic, and social transformation has led to a state of change and the development of tools, making digital platforms monitor this situation and stand against any positivity and ridicule it.

Media figure Ibrahim Issa had confirmed that the “Ras Al-Hikma” deal “exposed” the organization, and showed the venom, which became evident during the recent period, saying: “There is no reaction from them that surprises me, but there is a terrible amount of venom coming out of the Brotherhood. There is a state of pus in the disruption and the derogation of the deal and its importance.”

Issa pointed out that no matter what the Brotherhood does, the deal will have great significance, indicating that the Brotherhood is an unpatriotic group, affirming that this talk does not come from mouths that wish good for Egypt, and the Brotherhood always seeks to cause a breakdown in Egypt.

Egypt signed on Friday a contract to develop and develop the city of Ras Al-Hikma on the northern coast in partnership with the UAE in what Prime Minister Moustafa Madbouli described as the “largest foreign direct investment deal in the country’s history.”

Ras Al-Hikma area is one of the most important strategic areas within the national strategic urban development plan in Egypt, and this region, located in the western northern coast of the Mediterranean Sea, is characterized by comprehensive and diverse development components, making it a leading area in tourism, investment, and urbanism, and a global center for tourism in the Middle East and the world, according to what was published on the official website of Egypt’s projects.

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