In Afghanistan, “messengers of death” strike unexpectedly with heavy snowfall

At least 25 people were killed and eight others injured in a rockslide caused by heavy snowfall in northeastern Afghanistan.

The rockslide hit the village of Nakri in the Tatin Valley in Nuristan province on Sunday night, burying homes under snow and rock debris.

Janan Saigh, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Disaster Management, explained in a video message to the media: “Due to the landslide, 25 of our citizens were killed and eight were injured,” noting that the toll could rise, according to Agence France-Presse.

He added that 15 to 20 houses were destroyed or suffered severe damage.

The snow is delaying the arrival of rescue teams, with one of the main roads leading to the province being cut off.

Nuristan is a border region with Pakistan, mainly covered by forests and Hindu Kush mountains.

Mountainous regions in northern Afghanistan experience avalanches every year, with emergency services lacking necessary rescue equipment.

Snowfall has been unusually late this year in the country accustomed to harsh winters in mountainous areas, indicating the powerful impact of climate change.

In mid-January, Kabul had not yet seen snow, which was delayed by a month and a half.

Afghanistan is one of the poorest countries in the world, ravaged by four decades of war and heavily affected by climate change.

Half of the population lives below the poverty line, while 15 million people suffer from food insecurity, according to the World Bank.

Deadly Season On February 17 last year, 17 people died in an avalanche in Badakhshan province in northeastern Afghanistan.

Ice avalanches occurred in different cities of Badakhshan province due to heavy snowfall, destroying 50 houses.

Badakhshan is one of the coldest provinces in Afghanistan and experiences heavy snowfall, deadly avalanches, and floods every year.

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