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Internal Purges: Attempted Assassination of a Yemeni Muslim Brotherhood Shura Council Member in Marib

Abdullah Suater, a prominent figure within Yemen‘s Reform Party, and a member of its Shura Council, was targeted in an assassination attempt on Saturday evening while driving on a main road in Marib province, under the control of the organization.

According to local sources in Marib reported by “News Yemen,” Abdullah Suater, the Muslim Brotherhood leader, was outside the city of Marib. While returning home in his private car late Saturday night, he was hit by an improvised explosive device explosion on the road leading to Wadi. Sources indicated that the attack resulted in injuries to one of Suater’s companions. Other sources mentioned Suater being wounded in the attack and being transported to a hospital in Marib, but official authorities in Marib and the Reform Party have not commented on the incident or disclosed details about it.

This attempted assassination of one of the prominent figures in the Yemeni Reform Party in Marib comes just weeks after a similar operation targeting the military commander of the Muslim Brotherhood, Amjad Khalid, accused of multiple offenses linked to Al-Qaeda and the Houthi militias.

Many activists on social media highlight that the assassinations targeting prominent Muslim Brotherhood leaders have occurred in areas under their control, confirming that the Reform Party is witnessing internal purges of its key political and military figures. They dismiss the veracity of narratives propagated by Reform Party and Muslim Brotherhood activists that the man was targeted in an attempt to rid him by the Houthi militias.

Yemeni experts and analysts caution against the Muslim Brotherhood exploiting the existing division among Yemeni citizens, due to the Houthi militia‘s war, to dismantle the country’s social structure, emphasizing that the Muslim Brotherhood not only seeks power but aims to tear apart the social fabric to maintain their influence.

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