Iraq: Arrest of a Woman Posing as a Pediatrician Involved in Human Trafficking

A source within the Iraqi Ministry of Interior reported the arrest of a woman posing as a pediatrician in the medical complex of Baghdad, revealing her involvement in a human trafficking ring.

The source said that “intelligence agencies in Baghdad received information indicating the presence of a woman posing as a pediatrician in the medical city, entering the hospital and roaming its corridors, taking advantage of the influx of patients and the number of healthcare staff.”

He added that “the Federal Intelligence and Counterterrorism Agency formed a surveillance team to follow the suspect, and she was arrested wearing a doctor’s uniform and carrying a fake identity card.” He noted that “initial investigations revealed the suspect’s involvement in a human trafficking gang, particularly targeting children.”

Iraq is currently conducting a large-scale campaign to track down human trafficking gangs, which have been exploiting the poor living conditions of young people, especially those residing in informal settlements.

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