Jellyfish invade the United Kingdom and Ireland

The Wildlife Conservation Society has revealed a significant increase in the frequency of jellyfish sightings on the shores of the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Data from the society, which collects and analyzes public reports, showed a 32% increase in the report rates.

Dr. Angus Jackson, Head of Marine Research Data, explained that the rise in water temperature during the spring contributes to the growth and proliferation of jellyfish. When conditions are favorable in terms of water temperature and food availability, jellyfish reproduction occurs rapidly.

Jackson pointed out that a substantial increase in jellyfish reproduction occurs when favorable conditions coincide with storms or strong winds, causing jellyfish to be blown toward the coast and accumulate significantly.

Regarding the impact of climate change on the increase in jellyfish numbers, the researcher explained that there are multiple factors contributing to their proliferation, not just climate changes alone.

Nevertheless, he confirmed that continued temperature rise in the future will lead to an increase in their numbers.

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