Kerry: We must transition to Clean Energy-Based 

Economies Special U.S. Presidential Envoy for Climate Affairs, John Kerry, emphasized the need to reduce emissions and transition to economies built on clean energy.

Kerry expressed his hope that COP28, the climate summit to be held in the United Arab Emirates, will achieve the required climate financing.

John Kerry, the Special U.S. Presidential Envoy for Climate Affairs, also stated that the United Arab Emirates has made significant investments in renewable energy, surpassing other countries.

Kerry also stressed the importance of everyone making concessions to work together at the upcoming climate summit hosted by the UAE. What did Kerry say?

Everyone in the world feels the impact of the climate crisis, which comes from one thing: burning fossil fuels without capturing emissions. These emissions are what create the problem, and it’s not something difficult to understand; what we need to do is reduce these emissions. It also requires us to transform our economies into ones based on clean energy and that we can do it. My hope is that the Conference of Parties in Dubai will put money on the table regarding financing and build trust with the global South, and that we will all reach real settlements to keep the global temperature increase below 1.5 degrees Celsius.

Regarding the role of the UAE… Kerry said:

This region produces oil and gas, and economies rely on fossil fuels, but it is changing. The UAE has been a leader in this change and has surpassed other countries in investing in renewable energy. The UAE wants to undertake this task, and I believe it has the opportunity to move forward and lead effectively. All of us need to come to the table and make concessions by working together to stop emissions that create this problem.

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