The mystery of the disappearance of the famous dutch seismologist… What’s happening on Platform “X”? 

Several social media users have wondered about the disappearance of the Dutch seismologist Frank Hoogerbeets from the “X” platform.

Frank Hoogerbeets‘ posts regarding earthquake predictions, which stirred controversy, went missing before he revealed the reason for his absence to his followers.

In his post on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter), Frank Hoogerbeets disclosed what had happened to his account during the past period.

Hoogerbeets stated in his post: “Since the earthquake in Turkey, our (X) accounts have been continuously targeted to the extent that they severely disrupt our timelines.”

He added: “Therefore, we decided to stop using (X) for the time being. If you wish, you can follow us on YouTube, Facebook, and Telegram.”

Response to Critics 

This development comes days after Hoogerbeets responded to his critics, who believed he was getting his information from “extraterrestrial beings.”

Frank Hoogerbeets wrote on his (X) platform account that he doesn’t obtain his information from extraterrestrial beings.

The Dutch seismologist denied in his post that he has an online presence for “earthquake predictions,” one day after he predicted that the Earth would face a “very critical period” between October 12 and 16.

Hoogerbeets claimed that the “engineering emerging from the convergence of planets during that period” is behind this critical situation, warning of a possible major seismic activity due to what he called the “close convergence of planetary engineering.”

In another post, the controversial scientist emphasized his theory that “the atmosphere can give us advance signals of more powerful earthquakes,” pointing out that this has already been confirmed by seismologists in the late 1990s.

Recently, the Dutch expert’s predictions about earthquakes have come true, as a 6.3-magnitude earthquake was recorded in the Herat province of western Afghanistan, while Hoogerbeets warned of this activity last Tuesday.

Most geologists reject Hoogerbeets‘ theories, considering them mere “coincidences.”

It’s worth noting that a fact-checking service at the “French Press Agency” confirmed that the alleged Dutch expert “lied 28 times.”

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