Macron shouts in the face of “cowards”.. and Europeans seek a path “without America”

French and European movements are seeking to find a formula to ensure the continent’s security without America, which may adopt a more reserved policy after the upcoming presidential elections.

French President Emmanuel Macron called from Prague on Tuesday for Ukraine’s allies to “not be cowards” in the face of forces “that have become unstoppable”.

Macron said in a speech to the French community in the Czech Republic that “war has returned to our lands, and there are forces that have become impossible to stop and are expanding the threat every day”.

He added, “We must rise to the occasion of history and the courage it requires”.

The French president made controversial statements last week about the possibility of sending Western forces to Ukraine, considering it as a frontline defense for the European Union, but they faced rejection from Western allies, including Germany.

Major forces in Europe, such as Germany, believe it is crucial to keep the conflict in Ukraine under control and not to further inflame the situation, which could lead to a broader war, hence Berlin’s refusal even to send long-range missiles of the “Taurus” type to Kiev.

Officials in the European Union also revealed today, Tuesday, an ambitious proposal to significantly enhance the production and ownership of weapons in the Union, to reduce reliance on American weapons, in the face of the Russian attack on Ukraine.

European Commission Vice President Margrethe Vestager said, “We need to strike the right balance between the two sides of the Atlantic, regardless of the electoral dynamics in the United States”.

She added, “We need to take on more responsibility for our security, while of course remaining fully committed to our alliance within NATO”, adding, “Improving our ability to act will make us stronger as allies”.

Europe fears a change in American policy if former President Donald Trump returns to power after the upcoming presidential elections, as he questions NATO and Washington’s commitment to it.

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