Mother Kills Her Son and Commits Suicide “in Revenge” Due to Legal Dispute with Husband

In a tragic incident in Texas, a father lost his three-year-old child after his wife shot their son and then herself amid a bitter legal dispute. The bodies of Savannah Krieger, 32, and their son Kayden were found in a sewage river in San Antonio, according to the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

Nineteen hours before the bodies were discovered, Savannah sent a text message to her husband, who had filed for divorce on March 7, saying, “Say goodbye to your son.”

According to court records, Savannah transferred all the money from their joint account and went to her husband Brian’s house, where she destroyed property inside. Two hours later, surveillance footage showed her taking their son from daycare.

On the same day, Savannah made a video call to Brian, telling him, “You have nothing to come back to now,” and the footage showed the child in the car’s back seat. Brian immediately contacted the police, but they were unable to locate Savannah and the child.

The next day, investigators found Savannah’s abandoned car in a nearby park, and the bodies of the mother and child in the river. The medical examiner’s office confirmed that the child’s death was a homicide.

Brian stated that his son was a loving child who brightened up the room with his joy. He mentioned that Savannah hid her mental issues from everyone, and that the judge overseeing the custody dispute was aware of her suicidal thoughts.

Marta Prada Bellath, CEO of Domestic Violence Prevention Services, highlighted the despair Savannah felt, emphasizing the importance of providing psychological support to mothers and families in such situations.

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