New British measures with refugees and concerns about social disruptions 

Britain resettles 1,400 refugees 

The city of Glasgow in Scotland currently hosts the largest number of asylum seekers and is now preparing for a rapid increase in the number of people allowed to stay permanently, with the city council warning of the potential for “social disruptions” as local authorities scramble to find accommodation for up to 1,400 refugees.

The British newspaper “Daily Mail” confirmed that the UK government is intensifying its efforts to deal with the backlog of pending asylum applications, with increasing pressure on Rishi Sunak to address the massive backlog of asylum claims.

It continued to state that Glasgow, which has the highest number of asylum seekers in Scotland, is preparing for a rapid increase in the number of people allowed to stay permanently, causing city leaders to fear a “humanitarian crisis” as hundreds of asylum seekers are granted refugee status, putting “unprecedented” pressure on housing and public services by the end of the year.

An official report published yesterday also warned of “social disruptions associated with the accelerated granting of refugee status” to those who find themselves living on the streets due to a lack of housing.

Temporary accommodation

A source revealed that plans are being made to use sports centers as temporary accommodation.

Council leaders are considering taking legal action against the Home Office, which refused to provide an additional £53.4 million in funding needed to house refugees permanently.

Susan Aitken, leader of the Glasgow City Council led by the Scottish National Party, said, “The Home Office is embarking on a course of action that will be devastating for refugees and cities across the UK.”

She added, “I want to see people treated humanely in the asylum system. Refugees and migrants have enriched Glasgow’s culture for centuries, and I’m very proud that people want to make their home here.”

She continued, “But this disorganized, unplanned, and ill-considered action will cause serious harm to people and institutions.”

There are approximately 4,600 asylum seekers in Glasgow waiting to find out if they have been granted refugee status, which allows them to stay permanently.

The Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) – consisting of Glasgow City Council and the Greater Glasgow and Clyde National Health Service – expects that around 1,800 asylum seekers will soon be granted leave to stay, but they warned that nearly 1,400 of those granted refugee status will be left homeless, putting the already stretched homelessness service under “unprecedented” pressure.

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