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New corruption issues in the Yemeni Ministry of Interior… What is the relationship with the al-Islah Islamist party?

The influence of the al-Islah party (the Muslim Brotherhood‘s arm in Yemen) has reached the sector of scholarships offered by the Ministry of Interior to students.

A protest by Yemeni students in Turkey revealed the Ministry of Interior’s monopoly on scholarships for members of the Muslim Brotherhood group.

Dozens of Yemeni students studying at police academies in Turkey organized a protest last Saturday to urge the government to disburse their financial dues, and activists were surprised by the presence of this large number of students affiliated with the al-Islah party in police training academies in Turkey only.

They pointed out that the Ministry of Interior, represented by Minister Ibrahim Haidan, who is affiliated with the al-Islah party, monopolized all scholarships for training ministry personnel for Islah members only, as is the case with promotions and security rank grants, they said.

They confirmed that the majority, if not all, of the Yemeni students sent to study in the security field are nominated based on partisan endorsements and do not possess the necessary qualifications.

They emphasized that the Ministry of Interior, like the Ministry of Higher Education, reeks of corruption associated with the al-Islah party, which monopolizes all scholarships for the benefit of its members and deprives deserving Yemeni youth of scholarships and training.

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