“Unusual” Symptoms of Stroke

Seizures and some atypical symptoms may indicate a stroke alongside the typical symptoms such as acute disruption in cerebral blood circulation.

According to Sputnik radio, if the stroke occurs in the middle cerebral artery, whether on the right or left side, its symptoms will be typical and include:

If the stroke occurs in the posterior part of the head, there may not be partial paralysis or limb paralysis, but the affected person may lose vision.

If there is minimal bleeding or small vessel occlusion, the person may experience a stroke accompanied by the following:

Regarding the warning signs of stroke, the most prominent is a seizure, characterized by strong convulsions rather than just a fainting episode.

Although some neurological symptoms may seem harmless, they should not be ignored as they could indicate a recurring and worsening health problem, especially:

  • Numbness in the arm, cheek, or face
  • Facial distortion
  • Vision loss
  • Tingling in the fingertips
  • Headaches
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