“Strange Reasons” Behind the Inability to Divorce… Learn about Them

A British study has revealed peculiar reasons behind the inability to divorce, pointing out that high housing costs and mortgages contribute to the difficulty of separation.

According to a new study, married individuals stay together due to the inability to bear the financial cost of divorce.

The cost of separation here does not only refer to legal procedures, but also includes the expenses related to child support, living expenses, and their education. For example, in the UK, a third of married couples continue their relationships due to their inability to afford living expenses alone, given the exorbitant increase in property prices.

Overall, family relationship experts warn that staying in a marital relationship solely for financial reasons can harm the well-being of spouses and lead to negative consequences for children. In this regard, Lana Qasqas, a psychological and social consultant, states :

Some people decide to continue their marriage despite numerous problems between them due to financial burdens.

If a woman is financially independent, she can take care of herself in case of divorce, and the opposite holds true.

Courts determine alimony based on the financial status of the parents and the children’s pre-divorce lifestyle.

A marital home needs love, understanding, affection, and harmony.

The psychological and social consequences of having a “superficially only” marital home can be significant in the future.

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