Stromae: on his deathbed, he lost everything including this…

As he prepared to take part in a huge summer tour, Stromae saw his health worries catch up with him.

The result was a total cancelation of the project, growing concern about the artist’s condition… and a huge hole in his bank account, according to Belgian media reports.

Fans know him as Stromae, but for now it’s Paul Van Haver who counts.

At 38, the man whose tubes enchanted a generation is again in the grip of serious health concerns.

The latter resulted in the cancelation of his “Multitude Tour”, which was interrupted after 45 dates out of the 91 initially planned.

So what about the 46 concerts that have been overlooked because of Stromae’s glitches?

This is obviously a huge conundrum for organizers and insurance companies, who will leave pens in the maneuver.

For the fans, too, who were hoping to see their idol. But, financially, it is the singer himself who has been most affected.

The crazy amount Stromae lost by canceling his tour

Stromae is now one of the highest paid performers on the French-speaking scene due to its popularity, status, and the fact that literally all of the concerts on the tour were sold out.

By failing to cover the remaining forty or so dates, the “Papaoutai” interpreter will be sitting on a colossal amount.

It was the Belgian press that went out on the news fishing expedition, and came away with this stunning figure:

According to information from Soirmag and L’Echo, the Belgian artist’s stamp per concert amounted to EUR 500 000. As a result, it will lose €23 million for all 46 canceled dates.

As a reminder, the singer’s fortune is currently estimated to be just under EUR 300 million.

So it’s not a loss that threatens its financial integrity, far from it, but it’s still massive, and it speaks to the issues behind these mega-tours.

However, the financial aspect is a pittance in terms of the health of a man who will hopefully recover quickly.

In Belgium, many journalists are already wondering if Stromae will ever be seen on stage again.

The artist’s sinuous psychological and physical path does not suggest a quick return to business, and we can only advise him to take his time to settle what should be, and come back in shape if the heart says so and if the body follows.

This is by no means his priority at the moment, but Stromae will still lose an absolutely huge check by not being able to ensure the end of his tour.

And he will not be the only one to suffer serious losses in the wake of this regrettable fiasco…

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