Study: Prolonged Sitting at Work Increases Risk of Early Death

A new study has revealed that sitting throughout the day at work increases the risk of early death by 16%.

The study, conducted in Taiwan, included over 400,000 employees aged 20 and above, according to The Washington Post.

The study found that those who worked in a seated position were 34% more likely to face the risk of death compared to others due to cardiovascular diseases.

According to the study, those whose work involved a combination of sitting, standing, and movement did not face an increased risk of early death compared to those who did not regularly sit.

Those who worked in a seated position but engaged in little physical activity were able to reduce the risk of early death by increasing their physical activity during leisure time by 15 to 30 minutes daily.

Officials recommended that employees take breaks from sitting every half hour, stand while talking on the phone, and join colleagues for walking meetings instead of sitting.

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