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The Brotherhood and Houthi Mafias… Here are Some of Their Activities

The city of Taiz in Yemen is experiencing very difficult and catastrophic humanitarian and economic conditions due to the siege imposed by the Houthi and Brotherhood militias, and the crimes committed by these two groups listed as terrorist organizations in many countries.

Yemeni political analyst Mansour Saidi stated in a press interview reported by (Al-Bawaba News) that “the Brotherhood and Houthis are exploiting the ongoing war in Yemen to the extent that they plunder all aspects of life, and Taiz has had its share of these crimes and violations. Houses, lands, and commercial establishments are open to them.”

Saidi confirmed that the most heinous act is the formation of a mafia specialized in the trade and sale of humanitarian aid and external relief, as well as arms trafficking, plundering state resources, and opening exchange offices, universities, and schools.

The political analyst added that the current chaos in Taiz is a natural result of the authority of the Brotherhood and Houthis. Recently, specialized gangs have formed to seize the lands and homes of expatriates.

A report from the Ministry of Interior of the Yemeni government revealed the extent of crimes committed by the militias of the (Al-Islah) Party against the properties of citizens in the Taiz governorate, confirming that crimes against others’ properties recorded the highest rates among the crimes witnessed in the city of Taiz in 2023, according to (Al-Muntasaf Net).

The report indicated that the Taiz governorate recorded (3181) crimes last year, including (543) crimes against others’ properties, committed by armed militants of the (Al-Islah) Party who belong to military and security units.

Citizens in the Taiz governorate have complained for years about armed gangs affiliated with the Brotherhood engaging in acts of banditry and looting their properties and lands.

These gangs took advantage of the flight of hundreds of citizens from their areas, especially in the city of Taiz, since the Houthi gang launched its war against the citizens of the Taiz governorate in 2015, and have looted hundreds of these houses, refusing to return them to their owners, despite the formation of a government committee to return the houses.

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