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The Brotherhood’s Plan in Yemen: Dissolving the Reform Party and Establishing a New Entity


The terrorist Brotherhood group is facing divisions in Yemen as they seek to change their image and attract new groups within the country. Lately, the terrorist Reform Party, which is the political arm of the Brotherhood, is working on a makeover to rebrand itself and engage new factions.

Yemen is plagued by the presence of Houthi militias, Brotherhood militias, and terrorist organizations like Al-Qaeda and ISIS. This has severely impacted the Yemeni people, who have been suffering from the consequences of an eight-year-long war. In recent years, there has been a convergence of interests between the Brotherhood and other terrorist organizations.

A new maneuver with a change of identity

Yemeni sources have confirmed information about a new maneuver by the Reform Party, the Brotherhood’s arm in Yemen. This maneuver involves preparations for launching an alternative party while gradually removing the Reform Party from the scene in Yemen after nearly 33 years.

Prominent leaders within the Reform Party have started establishing a new entity, which includes the establishment of political, operational, and media bodies known as the “Popular Resistance Council.”

This new Yemeni entity is supported by Brotherhood factions in Turkey. Names of those appointed to this political-military entity have been circulated, appointed by Hamoud Al-Makhlafi, the leader of the party’s factions in Taiz, residing in Turkey. The announcement of the political bodies for the new entity indicates that Al-Makhlafi is trying to create a new entity, recognizing the deteriorating situation of the Brotherhood in the Yemeni streets.

One of the leading figures in the Reform Party, Anis Mansour, believes that dissolving the party aims to pave the way for the formation of new political blocs in areas controlled by the coalition.

According to analysts, the launch of the “Popular Resistance Council” in Marib is an indication of preparations to dissolve the Reform Party.

Yemeni political researcher and journalist Marzouq Al-Saadi stated that Yemen’s Brotherhood has been trying to seize power in the country since 2011. They also attempt to appease Al-Qaeda, who seek revenge against their followers for their loyalty to the party’s leader, Mohammed al-Yadoumi. The Brotherhood is trying to solidify the power of other old leaders who hold top positions in the organization and even the so-called “executive offices” in the provinces.

Al-Saadi added that the Brotherhood’s media outlets falsely claimed that the leadership appointments were made through an “election” system after a meeting of the so-called “Shura Council,” which is the legislative arm of the Brotherhood organization. In reality, the organizational structure of the Brotherhood’s Reform Party from top to bottom relies on the system of selection, endorsement, and appointment.

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