The leaders of the Brotherhood in Tunisia before the judiciary.. The start of the investigations of “Deportation of Terrorist”

The Tunisian Prosecution began hearing the defendants in the case of deportation of terrorist to hotbeds of tension by the anti-terrorism judicial branch (a competent court), which includes prominent Brotherhood leaders, former officials and deputies.

Former Prime Minister Ali Larayedh, businessman Mohamed Frikha, former MP Rida al-Jawadi and former security officials Fathi al-Baladi and Abdul Karim al-Obaidi are among those who represent the Ennahdha Brotherhood.

The anti-terrorism judicial sector is witnessing increased security at the same time as the start of the hearings.

The appearance of the Brotherhood leader and his deputy came after the name of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Ennahdha Movement and the names of leaders affiliated with it were mentioned in investigations with terrorist elements who were interrogated after their return from the hotbeds of tension, during which they admitted that this party provided them with facilities to travel to the conflict areas.

A judicial source said: “The Anti-Terrorism Public Prosecution Office has three options. The first is to save and return the file to the original researcher to complete the research.

The third option, which is more likely to be applied, is to remove the hand of the public prosecution from the file and to require the investigating judge to issue judicial arrest cards against these defendants, foremost among them their leader, Rached Ghannouchi.

A crucial stage in unraveling the truth about the issue of young people traveling to trouble spots is unraveling after a judicial complaint was filed by former MP Fatima al-Masdi, a member of the parliamentary investigation committee into the issue.

Years ago, Tunisia formed a parliamentary committee to investigate the networks involved in recruiting and sending young people to hotbeds of tension around the world to join the ranks of terrorist organizations.

According to previous statements made by a number of Tunisian security leaders, the Ennahdha Brotherhood played a major role in facilitating the passage of terrorists from Carthage airport, in addition to training a number of young people to use weapons in three centers belonging to the Ministry of Interior and passing bags of money.

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