The Muslim Brotherhood and the Turkish regime promote the caliphate system… Details 

Thousands of supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party in Turkey exploited a demonstration in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza to call for the implementation of the Islamic caliphate system under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Many protesters, including thousands of Muslim Brotherhood members from Turkey and abroad, raised banners demanding the return of Turkey to the era of the caliphate, claiming it to be the only solution to confront Zionist and Western aggression.

In contrast, the Contemporary Life Support Association (ÇYDD) described the call for implementing the caliphate in Turkey as “rebellion against the republican system and a serious crime,” as reported by the Turkish newspaper Zaman.

The association condemned the raising of banners bearing the phrase of monotheism and slogans chanted during the protests in support of Palestine on the first day of 2024 in Turkey. In its statement, the association expressed national solidarity with the repression suffered by the Palestinian people and the serious human rights violations occurring in the region. However, it emphasized that calling for the establishment of the caliphate in the Turkish Republic during the protests or through social media, under the pretext of solidarity with the Palestinian people, constitutes a clear crime.

The statement added: “The call for the caliphate, launched on the Turkish Republic’s territory, is a rebellion against the republican system and the fundamental characteristics of the state stipulated in the constitution, especially during the centenary celebration of the Republic’s establishment.”

The statement pointed out that, according to Article (2) of the Turkish Republic’s constitution, Turkey is a democratic, secular, and social state committed to Atatürk’s nationalism and based on the fundamental principles mentioned at the beginning. These characteristics, which distinguish the Turkish Republic, cannot be changed or even proposed for change.

The statement recalled that immediately upon the declaration of the Republic on March 3, 1924, the caliphate was abolished by law, and this law remains one of the most important legal systems for the Republic, still in effect today.

It continued: “We would like to remind you that no one has the right to change the system, the law, and the public order in Turkey, or commit crimes considered attempts to overthrow the system stipulated in the constitution of the Turkish Republic, a very serious crime punishable by Turkish penal law. The public prosecutor should immediately initiate an investigation into calls for the establishment of the caliphate that contradict the principle of secularism and the constitution.”

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