New Rift in the Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey Reveals the Scale of Corruption, Conspiracies, and Theft

The Islamist journalist Hala Sameer announced her defection from the group by emphasizing that she no longer belongs to any specific faction or ideology since the moment the video was published, confirming that she “has become only an Islamic educator, without any affiliations.”

Sameer threatened to sue “anyone who uses her name to promote a specific ideology or to recruit girls for the benefit of a specific front or faction,” referring to the recruitment campaigns conducted by the Muslim Brotherhood for women and girls.

Although the journalist did not explicitly declare her defection from the group, comments on the recorded clip from the organization’s followers indicated so, and the “front” referred to is “Istanbul Front,” followed by the channel “Watan,” which aired its programs, and the ideology referred to is the ideas of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Under the title “What Have I Been Through Lately? And Why Have I Been Absent? It’s Very Important to Hear from Dr. Hala!” the Islamist journalist revealed in a video clip the extent of the conspiracies she had faced, without naming those behind them, but alluding to them as “the circles close to her in Istanbul,” stating that she was the victim of a conspiracy by them after they succeeded in implicating her in a tax evasion case with the Turkish state, which led to her being demanded to pay around 700,000 Turkish liras. She also mentioned being subjected to envy and jealousy from some sisters she doesn’t know, but they harm her and spread rumors about her, and that one of the Brothers deceived her and stole her share of the publishing houses where she published her books.

According to her, she asked the circles close to her for an interest-free loan to pay the taxes, but was shocked that those who describe themselves as “Islamists” abandoned her, so she threatened everyone that any group that uses her name or image to promote an idea or a specific group will be exposed and reminded of by name, and she will summon the drafts that she folded and does not want to talk about.

She added: “If they do not stop harming her and reporting her to the tax authorities, she will expose them by name, and broadcast all the secrets that she has kept silent about, but the cup has overflowed, and she can no longer bear all this betrayal and all these conspiracies.”

In 2013, following the popular overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood from power in Egypt, the journalist Hala Sameer fled to Istanbul, where she gave educational lectures to the wives and daughters of the fleeing Brothers with their families in Turkey, and then the matter developed to present programs on Brotherhood channels in Istanbul through which she communicated with women, delivering the message of the Sisters on their behalf to wives and girls, and then she began to give lectures to women in other countries besides Turkey.

The defection of the journalist reflects the state of self-destruction experienced by the group, and the internal war raging within the organization, whose primary driver is always the conflict over money, positions, and influence.

It is worth mentioning that with every defection in the group, the Brothers come out and exchange accusations and threats to reveal what they have of secrets and names, revealing to people what was hidden from them, as they strip off the masks they hide behind.

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