The Muslim Brotherhood Attempts to Attract Sports Figures… What’s the Connection with Mohamed Salah?

The Muslim Brotherhood seeks to recruit public figures, whether they are economic, political, or sports figures, due to their influence on Egyptian society in particular, and the world in general, in order to spread their ideas and ideology through them.

This time, the Muslim Brotherhood targeted global player Mohamed Salah, and according to former Egyptian international player Ahmed Hossam Mido, the Brotherhood tried to recruit and attract Mohamed Salah through another retired international player affiliated with the group, but the Egyptian state intervened and saved him.

In an interview on the Egyptian channel (Al Nahar) last Thursday, he said that Salah had almost joined the group after a major brainwashing done by a retired international player, who intervened and was commissioned by the Brotherhood to convince the professional Liverpool player to join the group.

He added that the Egyptian state was aware of the matter and its details, and intervened in time, succeeding in keeping Salah away from the group.

He revealed that the former international player who was mediating in the deal tried to recruit another player from Al-Ahly and other young players to join the Brotherhood ranks.

He added that the group tried to offer many temptations to Salah, and also chose (7) people within Al-Ahly, including players, coaches, and board members, to recruit the young players and serve the Brotherhood‘s goals, controlling the players and their minds, and some succeeded in recruiting some players into the group.

Mido concluded by saying: Salah is a national player, who is currently playing a major role and support for the Egyptian state, and has many undisclosed roles in serving his country at all levels, pointing out that this is why he is subjected to organized campaigns on social media, mostly by the electronic committees of the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is worth noting that in 2015, after the overthrow of the Muslim Brotherhood regime, lawyer Sameer Sabri filed a complaint with the Attorney General in which he stated that a sports journalist had announced a list of names of players and members of Al-Ahly who were affiliated or sympathetic to the group, after several Al-Ahly players raised the Rabaa sign.

The complaint indicated that a retired player had stated on several television channels that there were a large number of Brotherhood members inside the club, with few sympathizing with the Brotherhood, and cited the names of club members affiliated with the Brotherhood, including a youth team coach at the club and the brother of Safwat Hegazy, a Brotherhood leader, who is imprisoned in several cases, as well as a number of other players and administrators who actually belong to the Brotherhood.

Furthermore, an investigation by security services revealed that the player already owned (3) companies, including a travel agency that organized trips to Turkey and sent Brotherhood members there.

Information also indicated that a large portion of Abu Trika’s company money was allocated for the expenses of imprisoned Brotherhood members and their families, financing some food supply operations at the Rabaa Al-Adawiya sit-in, and allocating monthly amounts to some members of specialized committees. According to the source, the value of these funds was about (23) million pounds.

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