The “Mysterious Structures” Bring Alien Theories Back to the Forefront

The mysterious “metallic structure” that appeared in the US state of Nevada has fueled the speculations of theory enthusiasts regarding its sudden appearance in various countries around the world at closely spaced times.

This development comes after the Las Vegas police announced the discovery of the metallic structure on a long-distance hiking trail.

The police piqued the curiosity of their followers on the “X” platform by posting a photo of the structure, questioning what this thing might be and confirming they had no explanation for its presence or nature.

This structure, or shiny column, made entirely of mirrors, is not the first of its kind. In late 2020, a helicopter crew in the state of Utah discovered a similar structure.

Since then, other structures have appeared in California, Romania, and England before disappearing and reappearing again in Wales last March.

Despite their mysterious and sudden appearances, these structures quickly disappear before reappearing elsewhere.

In search of an explanation, some observers have suggested that these structures could be related to “aliens,” while others have hypothesized they are merely a “prank” or an “art piece,” according to CNN.

In 2020, exhibition expert David Zwirner claimed that the structure found in Utah was the work of sculptor John McCracken, installed somehow after his death in 2011, but he soon retracted his statement, saying that the style of erecting the structure differed from McCracken’s methods.

Later, designer Tom Dunford claimed to BBC that the structure found on the Isle of Wight was his design and that he did it for “fun.”

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