Heatwave Kills 52 People in India’s Capital in Two Days

The Times of India reported on Thursday that a blistering heatwave sweeping across northern India has claimed the lives of at least 52 people in the capital, New Delhi, as the country faces record-high temperatures this summer.

The newspaper added that 52 bodies were brought to hospitals over the past two days, mostly of destitute and poor people who live and work outdoors.

According to Reuters, India has recorded more than 40,000 suspected cases of heatstroke this summer and at least 110 confirmed deaths between March 1 and June 18, when regions in northwestern and eastern India experienced double the usual number of heatwave days.

In its editorial on Thursday, the newspaper stated, “The prolonged duration of the harsh summer should be classified as a natural disaster,” noting that this coincided with water shortages and record electricity demand.

The Ministry of Health has ordered federal and state institutions to ensure immediate care for patients and directed hospitals to make more beds available.

The meteorological office predicted that temperatures would continue to exceed normal levels this month as well. Delhi recorded its hottest night in over 50 years on Wednesday, with the lowest temperature being 35.2 degrees Celsius, according to meteorological data.

Billions across Asia are suffering from extreme heat this summer, a development scientists say is exacerbated by climate change caused by human activities.

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