Elderly Man Commits Suicide with a Grenade in the Middle of the Street in Syria

An elderly man removed the safety pin from a grenade he was carrying in the street, then held it until it exploded, killing him instantly.

Eyewitnesses told “Erem News” that the man was walking normally in one of the streets of Salamiyah city, in Hama province, before people noticed him reciting the Shahada. He then took out a grenade, removed the safety pin, and waited for it to explode in his hands.

Due to the severe injuries the elderly man sustained, he was not identified. Official investigations have begun to uncover the circumstances of the incident, which did not result in injuries to passersby as they quickly fled the scene.

The forensic doctor in Salamiyah, Dr. Rami Razouk, told “Al-Khabar” TV: “The man was estimated to be 86 years old and died instantly when the grenade exploded on ‘Al-Firdous’ road in the western neighborhood of Salamiyah city.”

Razouk added: “It is not yet clear whether the grenade explosion was a suicide or an accident, but investigations are still ongoing to uncover the details.”

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