The regime obstructs the elections… Protests in the streets of Mogadishu against Farmaajo

The persistence of the regime in power in Somalia, led by Farmaajo, deteriorates the country’s situation, due to the electoral process obstacle in search of an extension or a return to power.

Indeed, the country that until recently was preparing to hold its legislative elections at the end of December is entering a new crisis; after that President Abdullah Farmaajo starts to implement his plan to swallow up the polls, which makes the Somali street angry by raising a red card against the president and his regime, amid the repression of the security forces.


According to Al-Ain News, the big protests were repeated in the capital, Mogadishu, with the remarkable participation of young men and women, who gathered, especially in the street of Mecca in the city center, near a crossing at the presidential palace, against the Farmaajo regime and the way that it organized the general elections, as security forces continued to repress the protesters.

Local media reported that security forces arrested a number of protesters and detained them at the Waberi District Police Station; they also dispersed other protesters who assembled at a crossing near the Presidential Palace in Mogadishu.

Angry protesters repeated slogans calling for fair elections and another against Farmaajo, accusing him of trying to take the general election.

Furthermore, the protests coincided with demands from the Council of the Union of Presidential Candidates to stop attempts to hijack the elections, allow peaceful demonstrations, and end violence against the opposition’s voices.

Anger intensifies in Somalia against the Farmaajo administration for the upcoming elections, amid popular anger and opposition doubts over the integrity of the vote in light of the formation of committees of elements affiliated with the regime and its various institutions.

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