The Story of the Planet That Smells Like Rotten Eggs

Scientists have discovered that a planet the size of Jupiter, located 64 light-years from Earth, emits a smell of rotten eggs.

The planet, named “HD 189733 b,” lies outside the solar system and features an atmosphere with clouds covered in glass, which cause glass rains.

“HD 189733 b” is a planet known as a “hot Jupiter,” characterized by extremely high temperatures and a rapid orbit around its star, taking only 2.2 days to complete one orbit. The surface temperature reaches 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, equivalent to about 928 degrees Celsius.

The winds on this planet are deadly, reaching speeds of 5400 miles per hour, making the glass rains extremely hazardous.

Scientists used the James Webb Space Telescope to study this planet and found that its atmosphere contains small amounts of hydrogen sulfide, which is the cause of the foul smell it emits.

This discovery is significant because it provides clues about the effect of sulfur on the atmospheres of gas giants outside the solar system.

Dr. Jiankui Fu, an astrophysicist at Johns Hopkins University and the lead researcher, indicated that studying sulfur could help scientists understand how planets form and their composition.

The research team plans to continue studying sulfur in other exoplanets to better understand the composition of their atmospheres.

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