Body of Mountaineer “Missing” for 22 Years Found

After 22 years of disappearance, the body of American mountaineer William Stampfl has been found on Mount Huascarán in Peru, where he had been missing.

The 59-year-old man was first reported missing in June 2002, after an avalanche, and search and rescue efforts at the time failed to find him.

According to the British newspaper “Metro,” William’s body was found in good condition, preserved under the snow for this long period. William’s clothes, belt, shoes, and passport were also found, which enabled the police to identify him after all this time.

William had gone on a climbing expedition from California to the highest peak in Peru with two other people, Steve Erskine and Matthew Richardson. Steve’s body had been previously found, but Matthew’s body is still missing.

Mount Huascarán stands about 7000 meters high and is located about 270 miles north of Lima, the country’s capital.

It is noteworthy that the climate crisis is affecting mountain ranges in countries like Peru; it has lost more than half of its glaciers over the past six decades, which led to the discovery of the mountaineer’s body after all these years.

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