The UAE honors outstanding Ethiopian students with a reception

The United Arab Emirates organized a grand reception in honor of a group of promising Ethiopian students.

There were 273 students from Ethiopia who achieved remarkable success in the national exams for the third year of secondary school in 2023.

These students have been generously awarded scholarships by the UAE to pursue their university education at Abu Dhabi University and other institutions in the country.

These scholarships were established as an appreciation for the exceptional academic achievements of these promising Ethiopian students and reflect the UAE’s commitment to enhancing education and supporting educated youth from around the world. Thanks to their efforts and academic excellence, these students successfully passed the admission exams at the ten UAE universities that awarded them scholarships.

This scholarship represents a significant step in strengthening bilateral relations between Ethiopia and the United Arab Emirates, providing an ideal opportunity for cultural exchange and enhancing cultural and educational understanding between the two countries.

These efforts are part of the UAE‘s commitment to providing support for education and ambitious youth worldwide, serving as a vivid example of how wealth and opportunities can be utilized to promote education and scientific research.

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