The UAE rehabilitates and maintains several schools in Amdjarass

The UAE‘s humanitarian team in Chad has initiated a project to rehabilitate and maintain several schools in the city of Amdjarass as part of the UAE‘s humanitarian efforts in the Republic of Chad. under the supervision of the UAE Aid Coordination Office in Chad.

 continues its leading role in humanitarian work by improving the learning environment in Amjirass through the rehabilitation of schools. providing a conducive environment for students to acquire knowledge and education.

The UAE humanitarian team has made significant efforts through field visits to assess the schools’ needs before the rehabilitation process. They also met with Chadian officials in Amjirass to receive a detailed explanation of the essential requirements. ensuring they are provided to the highest standards and criteria.

The UAE humanitarian team visited three schools, namely the Boys’ High School, Girls’ School, and Elementary School. to inspect the progress of maintenance work in the schools. This work is coordinated and monitored by the UAE Aid Coordination Office in Chad. Maintenance activities are progressing rapidly in the classrooms. and other facilities in preparation for the start of the new academic year in Amdjarass. The classrooms will be equipped with modern furniture, and the school facilities will be upgraded. Field visits to the schools will continue to monitor the progress of the work until maintenance is completed.

 Aid Coordination Office in Chad continues its efforts through work and field visits to villages in Amdjarass to provide basic needs for Sudanese refugees. and the local community, assess requirements. and strive to provide them as quickly as possible.

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