Tropical Cyclone “Gomani” Hits Madagascar Causing Fatalities and Severe Damage

Six people have been killed and more than 2,600 others affected by Tropical Cyclone “Gomani,” which struck the northern part of Madagascar on Wednesday morning, according to the National Office for Risk and Disaster Management.

The office stated in a statement on Wednesday that “the cyclone was preceded by heavy rains lasting throughout the past week, affecting over a thousand other individuals.”

The National Office for Disaster Management in Madagascar warned that “the death toll and number of affected individuals are likely to rise.”

By Wednesday night, the cyclone had weakened into a severe tropical storm, and it is expected to leave the island located in the Indian Ocean by Friday afternoon.

Footage showed torrents flowing through villages, streets submerged in water with people struggling to pass through as the water reached their waists, villagers forming human chains to evacuate each other from their homes, and many roads and bridges submerged and cut off.

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