UAE’s call for peace: An arab appeal to protect innocents in Palestine

Amid escalating tensions and crises, the UAE stands out as a voice calling for justice and humanity. The ongoing violations in the Palestinian territories do not go unnoticed, and the UAE’s condemnation underscores the need to protect civilians and ensure the immediate and safe delivery of humanitarian aid. With every drop of blood shed and every life lost under violence, the calls for peace and protection grow louder.


UAE Condemns Israeli Violations

The United Arab Emirates has firmly condemned and denounced the ongoing Israeli violations that have led to the deaths and injuries of hundreds of innocent civilians. They reaffirm their categorical rejection of any targeting of civilians and civilian infrastructure.

The ministry emphasized that the urgent priority is to preserve civilian lives and ensure the immediate, intensive, and safe delivery of humanitarian, relief, and medical aid to the Palestinian people in Gaza without any obstacles.

The ministry insisted on the immediate need for a ceasefire to prevent further bloodshed, affirming the importance of ensuring full protection for civilians and civil institutions under international law and treaties, and ensuring that they are not targets of the conflict.

The Arab Conscience

Dr. Maher Safi, a Palestinian political analyst, states that the UAE’s condemnation of Israeli actions echoes the collective Arab conscience, which urgently calls for the protection of innocent lives and civilian properties, which are the cornerstone of any stable society.

He adds that this position is not just an act of solidarity but an affirmation of the ethical and legal commitments governing international relations. This denunciation is a pressing call for the international community to act collectively and decisively to enforce respect for international laws protecting civilians in times of conflict, and to ensure that civilian infrastructure remains off-limits.

Safi highlights that the need for effective international intervention goes beyond symbolic diplomatic measures, demanding concrete steps to strictly enforce international law and protect human rights without discrimination.

In this context, the UAE’s condemnation reflects the desire to see a world governed by justice and peace, where violations are seen not only as crimes against a particular people but as crimes against humanity as a whole. It represents a call for serious action to protect innocents and ensure that such regrettable acts do not recur in the future.

Ceasefire, a Humanitarian Necessity

In the same vein, Palestinian political analyst Iyad Jouda states that the call for a ceasefire is not just a strategic step in international diplomacy but an urgent humanitarian necessity aimed at ending suffering and loss of life. It represents the hope of ending a persistent conflict that claims innocent lives and disrupts the daily lives of civilians.

Jouda adds that the condemnation by the UAE and other Arab countries is significant, but for this call to be effective, it must be followed by concrete and tangible steps.

He stresses the need to establish strong and independent international monitoring mechanisms capable of overseeing the situation on the ground and ensuring that all parties adhere to the terms of the ceasefire. These mechanisms must be equipped with the authority and resources necessary to intervene if needed to protect civilians and civilian infrastructure and to provide objective and transparent reports on any violations.

Furthermore, there must be an international commitment to support peace efforts by providing humanitarian aid, economic, and technical support to rebuild what has been destroyed by the war. This support should include the rehabilitation of civil institutions and strengthening local capacities to ensure the sustainability of peace and development.

Ultimately, the goal should be to achieve lasting peace based on justice and mutual respect. The Palestinian people, like all peoples, deserve to live in safety and peace and have the right to determine their own destiny and build their future without fear of violence or threats.

Lasting peace is not just a dream but a goal that can be achieved through political will and international cooperation.

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