Unexpected snowstorms hit China, disrupting flights and closing schools

Northeastern China experienced unusual cold weather and snowstorms on this Monday.

The snowstorms led to the rescheduling of hundreds of flights and the closure of schools. Cities issued severe weather warnings and advised residents to stay indoors.

As of 10:30 AM local time, 405 flights were canceled at Harbin Taiping International Airport in Harbin, the capital of Heilongjiang province in the far north of the country, according to data from the Flight Master travel app.

Earlier, the government of Heilongjiang province stated that the remaining operations at the airport were proceeding normally.

The government, through the official WeChat account, mentioned that most areas in Harbin had suspended operations in elementary schools, high schools, kindergartens, and training centers outside educational institutions due to snowfall and freezing temperatures.

Official media reported that the Chinese Meteorological Administration warned of a sharp drop in temperatures in the coming days, along with the snowstorms expected to have a significant impact on several cities.

The cold weather forced authorities in Beijing and Tianjin to prepare for early heating measures, according to notifications from the authorities in both cities.

The Central Meteorological Administration stated this week that most regions in the northeastern part of the country are expected to experience temperatures below 10 degrees Celsius or below freezing as cold air moves east and south.

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