Wide Calls for Removing “Thumbs-Up” Sculpture from Baghdad (Photos)

Iraqi bloggers, representing various segments of society, are calling for the removal of the “Thumbs-Up” sculpture, which they described as a mockery of Baghdad, months after it was erected in front of a modern hotel in the capital.

Social media platforms in Iraq are witnessing what resembles a campaign against the sculpture, which many consider socially offensive due to its poorly designed appearance, as described by many.

The sculpture is located in front of a hotel and shopping center that opened last year on the Jadriya Bridge in the Kadhimiya area, overlooking the Tigris River that runs through the capital. It is believed that its concept symbolizes the footprint of the investing company or its CEO, Abdullah al-Jubouri, in the country’s investment projects.

However, “Thumbs-Up” has faced a barrage of criticism and ridicule since its unveiling, which only renews with every new circulation of images of the sculpture from different angles by social media bloggers.

A blogger on Facebook commented on a photo of the sculpture, saying, “Where are the artists and sculptors? What does this mean?”

Another blogger, in a similar context, said, “Can it be believed that Iraqi sculpture has reached such decay…? Remove them… Clean the streets from this filth.”

A third commenter expressed frustration with the sculpture, saying, “By God, Iraq has become a laughingstock in front of the world.”

Those calling for the statue’s removal argue that it fails to highlight the design concept for which it was created and, from some angles, appears as an offensive sculpture to passersby.

It is worth mentioning that Qatar also erected a “Thumbs-Up” sculpture at the famous Waqif Market in Doha, but it came in a shiny golden color, as an artistic work by the artist Cesar Baldacchini.

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