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Yemeni Brotherhood Launches Fierce Campaigns Against the South: Details

Yemeni terrorist forces, led by the Brotherhood group, are launching suspicious and fierce campaigns against the South, which include spreading false rumors aimed at undermining any development efforts in the South.

Reports from local sites indicate that terrorist forces always bring out their malicious plans when the South makes significant strides that can positively reflect on living conditions in the region, particularly by waging a fierce services war against the South.

The targeting stirred up by hostile Yemeni forces includes the promotion of many suspicious rumors, not only targeting the South but also attempting to undermine the UAE’s efforts to improve living conditions in the South.

According to the Yemeni site, these suspicious campaigns include acts of extortion carried out by hostile forces against the South and its identity, amidst dubious efforts to stir up dissent between the Southern people and their political leadership.

The clear goal of these suspicious campaigns led by the Brotherhood militias is to try to disrupt the South’s journey to achieve stability, enforce security, and achieve comprehensive economic progress that benefits Southern citizens primarily.

In light of the full confidence that the Southern people have in their political leadership, the people are urged to thwart these suspicious plots by intensifying their support behind the Transitional Council to complete the path to fully sovereign state restoration.

Conversely, it is common for the Brotherhood‘s terrorist militias to respond to any developmental strides made by the Transitional Council by launching a comprehensive war aiming to export chaos to Southern society.

This is primarily because the successes achieved by the South on the ground strike a fatal blow to the Brotherhood‘s suspicious agenda, fully realizing the aspirations of the Southern people.

The Brotherhood‘s Reform militias control large parts of Taiz province, while Houthi militias control the peripheral areas of Dhamar and Ibb provinces. Recently, a joint coordination between the two parties was announced to manage the affairs of the province and put pressure on the South.

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