The death toll is 11,000, and 10,000 are missing.. Libya faces the collapse of the Derna dam

The Libyan Attorney General, Sadiq Al-Sour, has announced an investigation into the catastrophe of the Derna dam collapse, promising to hold those responsible accountable, while authorities have unveiled measures to isolate the areas affected by the floods.

11000 قت.يل و10 آلاف مفقود.. ليبيا تحقق بانهيار سدي درنة - رصد المغرب -

Detecting cracks and planning maintenance

During a press conference with the Prime Minister designated by the Parliament, Al-Sour emphasized that the investigations are focusing on the funds allocated for the maintenance of the dams, confirming that reports have revealed cracks in them and the need for maintenance.

Efforts to Protect Affected Areas

Meanwhile, the designated Libyan Prime Minister, Osama Hamad, has stated that authorities plan to take precautionary measures, including isolating the affected areas in Derna from the rest of the regions.

بعد أسبوع من الكارثة.. الآمال تتضاءل في العثور على ناجين في درنة الليبية – قناة الغد

Impact of Mediterranean Storm “Daniel”

Heavy rains caused by the Mediterranean storm “Daniel” resulted in deadly floods and torrents in eastern Libya early last week. The floods submerged two dams, leading to the flow of water several meters high through the center of Derna, destroying entire neighborhoods and sweeping people into the sea.

Devastation in the Green Mountain Region

The spokesperson for the Libyan army, Major General Ahmed Al-Mesmari, confirmed that “Hurricane Daniel” affected more than a million people. He added that the main and secondary roads in the Green Mountain region, in the east of the country, were cut off due to the floods. During a press conference on the latest developments regarding the flood disaster, Al-Mesmari stated that there were areas in the Green Mountain region completely destroyed by the floods.

تحديات تواجه إنقاذ العائلات في درنة الليبية.. مراسلنا يكشف التفاصيل – قناة الغد

11,300 Deaths and 10,000 Missing

On the other hand, the Libyan Red Crescent announced an increase in the number of deaths in the Derna floods to over 11,300. 

The International Red Cross, said today, Saturday, “there are more than 10,000 missing in Derna.” The International Red Cross emphasized in its statement that “random mass burial operations in Libya are hindering relief efforts.” 

The International Red Cross urgently stressed the need to provide safe shelters for the affected people in Libya. This comes as efforts continue to rescue stranded individuals and recover bodies, with authorities confirming that more than 10,000 people are still missing in Derna. 

Earlier, the mayor of Derna had warned that the death toll from the flood disaster could exceed 20,000.

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