11 years ago… A father and his son make history in the Beach Soccer World Cup

Roy Leviidin and his son Diego made history in the Beach Soccer World Cup 11 years ago, with their national team, the Netherlands, during their only participation in the tournament.

The Netherlands qualified for the Beach Soccer World Cup in Tahiti in 2013, and despite exiting in the first round with two points from 3 matches, they made history.

At that time, the Netherlands were in Group B with Argentina, El Salvador, and the Solomon Islands, losing 0-2 and 1-5 to the Solomon Islands and El Salvador, before drawing 5-5 dramatically against Argentina in the final round.

Roy and Diego’s father (34 years old) played at that time alongside his son Diego, who was 17 years old then.

Will stated when he was twenty-three that he dreamed of playing with his son on the same team, a dream that many considered to be a fantasy, before it became a reality in the Beach Soccer World Cup.

Will comments on his relationship with his son during the game, saying: “I yell at him instinctively when he is out of position, then I feel bad about what I did.”

Neither the father nor the son felt disappointed after exiting the Beach Soccer World Cup, especially after snatching a historic point from Argentina, and the father setting a record as the oldest player to participate in the history of the tournament.

It is worth mentioning that the United Arab Emirates is hosting the awaited edition of the Beach Soccer World Cup during the period from February 15 to 25, with the participation of 16 teams.

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