The Failure Tax… Klinsmann Fired After the 2023 Asian Cup

German coach Jürgen Klinsmann paid the price for his failure with the South Korean national team at the 2023 Asian Cup, held in Qatar earlier this year.

The South Korean Football Association announced today, Friday, that they had sacked the head coach of the national team following the team’s exit in the semi-finals of the Asian Cup amid criticism of his management style.

The National Team Selection Committee, an advisory body under the local association of the popular sport, recommended Klinsmann’s dismissal yesterday, Thursday, while Hwangbo Kwan, the technical director of the association, cited numerous reasons casting doubt on his ability to continue leading the team.

After South Korea’s exit from the Asian Cup semi-finals with a 0-2 defeat to Jordan, fans and politicians called for Klinsmann’s dismissal (59 years old) following the team’s failure to win the continental title for the first time in 64 years.

The South Korean team has won the Asian Cup twice.

Before today’s announcement of his dismissal, Klinsmann expressed his sincere gratitude to the team players, coaching staff, and fans through his Instagram account.

The German coach said: “A huge thank you to all of you for all the support and for getting us to the semi-finals of the Asian Cup, and for the wonderful journey over the past 12 months where we did not lose in 13 consecutive matches before (the defeat) in the semi-finals.”

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