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Activists: The Muslim Brotherhood caused the division of the Palestinian people and spreads lies to maintain their bases

Activists and Politicians: The Muslim Brotherhood caused the division of the Palestinian people and spreads lies to maintain their bases

The ongoing war in the Gaza Strip has become a turning point for terrorist groups, both in terms of their political activities and their rhetoric. The war in Gaza has long-term repercussions for these groups, as Hamas, the main perpetrator of the October 7 attacks, is an ideological and organizational extension of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood.

The war and its outcomes will affect the behavior of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood, a change that is beginning to show in branches of the Muslim Brotherhood in Arab countries. The terrorist group has exploited the war in Gaza to spread chaos and promote a destabilization project to undermine stability and security in the region.

Terrorist groups and the Palestinian issue

Experts point to signs that the region is heading toward a wave of extremism following the war, due to the escalating events in Gaza between the Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, and the practices of the Israeli army, which commits daily war crimes against Gaza’s residents.

They added that these issues will be handled with high professionalism, especially regarding terrorist and extremist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda. The war also prompted Americans from the Democratic left to republish a message from Osama bin Laden to Americans, explaining the reasons that led Al-Qaeda to attack American interests.

The Muslim Brotherhood‘s plan and spreading chaos in the region

Egypt has countered the Muslim Brotherhood‘s plan to resettle Palestinians in Sinai. Besides the regional and international actions taken by Egypt, the Egyptian government has taken several specific steps concerning the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

On several occasions, President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi renewed his call to the international community and peace partners to work together to implement the two-state solution and create the necessary conditions to resume the peace process between the two parties, “Palestine and Israel”, considering them the cornerstone of the aspirations of the region’s peoples for regional security, stability, and peaceful coexistence. He also urged international parties not to give up, as the political stagnation accumulating over time complicates future settlement.

Recently, the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood from Jordan and other Arab countries began spreading violence in the region amidst rising tensions and war in Gaza.

They recently stirred public opinion in Jordan, then moved to a new phase in other countries like Egypt. They also sought to involve Jordan in the escalating events in Palestine, creating chaos in the country through recent protests that turned violent, while spreading allegations to increase violence and gain more Arab popular sympathy.

Exploitation of the Palestinian issue by the Muslim Brotherhood for political gain

Tareq al-Bashbishi, a dissident leader of the Muslim Brotherhood and researcher in Islamic groups, stated that the Muslim Brotherhood always exploits the Palestinian issue for political gain, taking advantage of the great popular sympathy for Palestinian rights.

He added that the terrorist group uses this wave to reaffirm its presence and compensate for what it has lost in political gains. Since the beginning of the Palestinian people’s plight, the Muslim Brotherhood has exploited this crisis to promote its destructive projects and embarrass Arab regimes that seek to protect Arab societies from their evils, accusing them of betraying the Palestinian cause.

Al-Bashbishi continued, saying that one of the issues the Muslim Brotherhood manipulates best to their advantage is the Palestinian issue, and the most dangerous aspect is that they obstruct any political solution to it.

He asserted that the Hamas movement, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, has caused the division of the Palestinian people, raised arms against its rivals from other factions, and marginalized the Palestine Liberation Organization, causing the greatest harm to the Palestinian cause and the greatest benefit to the Zionist occupation.

The true meaning of extremism and brainwashing

Prominent political activist Munther Al-Sheikh said on his personal account on the social network “X”: “It is amusing to see the tools of the Muslim Brotherhood in this humiliation and weakness, to the extent that they promote a lie that erases the name of Palestine to maintain their bases.”

Political activist and academic professor Dr. Turki bin Abdulmohsen bin Obeid explained on his “X” account that the true meaning of intellectual extremism and the method of brainwashing, as well as the use of deceitful tricks and masks, represents a serious threat to the media if their presence multiplies, spreading their discourses.

He added that their words can evoke violence and the danger of terrorism to facilitate entry into their vile world, leading to division and deception by spreading multiple discourses for camouflage. He emphasized that media manipulations by intellectual extremism include many characteristics, such as deception and polishing their image in the media.

Turki continued by saying that they present themselves as reformers while claiming to fight intellectual extremism in countries and elsewhere, embellishing their image in the media under the pretext of awareness and education, promoting common values such as tolerance, respect, and peaceful coexistence in appearances at conferences and other tricks. They try to make open discussions a means of brainwashing, presenting themselves as normal people and making those constructive discussions part of the solution, while also playing on the chord of terrorism and extremism.

Political activist Fahd Dibaji said that the current priority of the Muslim Brotherhood and Iran’s allies is to obstruct or discredit the massive Saudi-American agreement by any means possible, as it will change the situation in the Middle East for the better and stability, and will end their role in the region.

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