A Muslim Brotherhood Defector Reveals the Terrorist Group’s Plans to Exploit the Palestinian Cause for Their Own Goals

The terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, did not miss the opportunity of the war in Gaza to exploit the Palestinian cause, just as they do with every popular issue, to attempt to recruit and establish a presence, acting through these plans, which ranged from symbolic and staged demonstrations to looting donations and aid and diverting them to fund the Brotherhood’s activities.

Exploitation by the Muslim Brotherhood

In Egypt, the report indicated that the Muslim Brotherhood exploited the events to find gaps against the Egyptian regime, promoting them through their media and social networks, trying to return to the political scene. As for the donations intended for Gaza, they are being diverted to fund the group’s activities.

In Yemen, the Muslim Brotherhood competes with the Houthi group in exploiting the Palestinian cause for mobilization and rallying. Their demonstrations, limited to one day a week in Taiz and Marib, featured sectarian slogans, exploiting the crisis to gather supporters and collect funds. In Tunisia, the Tunisian Brotherhood (Ennahdha Movement) utilized the demonstrations in support of Gaza to attack Tunisian authorities, displaying images of their prisoners and slogans against President Kais Saied and his government.

The Group’s Plans

In this context, Dr. Ibrahim Rabie, a former senior member of the Muslim Brotherhood, states: “The terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood exploits the Palestinian cause not only in Egypt but throughout the region to remain on the political scene and attract youth through slogans aimed at creating chaos, as they did in Jordan and wish to do in Yemen, Egypt, Libya, and other countries.”

He added that these moves by the Muslim Brotherhood primarily aim at their own interests, explaining that the group constantly spreads rumors, provokes unrest, and conducts systematic smear campaigns to prolong tension and escalation, as part of their policy of exploiting the cause and the suffering of the Palestinian people.

He continued by saying that the Muslim Brotherhood has been exploiting the Palestinian cause for 70 years. In 1948, they began by establishing the “Youth of Muhammad” group, which collected donations for the cause, but these funds were later diverted to finance the group.

It is noteworthy that the terrorist group of the Muslim Brotherhood considers the Palestinian cause merely as a card they hold as long as it benefits them and can be discarded at the first confrontation.

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