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Brotherhood-Houthi agreement to halt the development of Aden Port… Why?

The Houthi terrorist militia is aligning with the Islah Party, the local branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, to thwart any plans to develop Aden Port and bring it out of its current state of near-death under the guise of nationalism and sovereignty.

Following a joint statement by 24 members of the Shura Council from the Islah Party and their affiliates abroad rejecting the project of leasing Aden Port to the Abu Dhabi Ports Group, Tareq Salam, appointed by the Houthi militia as the governor of Aden, supported this statement, claiming that leasing the port aims to destroy the country’s capabilities, which his militia handed over to Iran.

The Houthi-Brotherhood alignment was evident in Tareq Salam’s statements, which spoke of conspiracies, ambitions, and the illegality of this measure, which comes at a time when the port needs any efforts to resume its activities amid the government’s incapacity and the war waged by the Houthi militias on the port, according to the local “NewsYemen” website.

The Houthi-Brotherhood coordination is not limited to Shura Council members and the Houthis but extends to members of the legitimate Parliament affiliated with the Brotherhood. These members have made individual statements expressing their rejection of this project, relying on the letter sent by the member of the Presidential Leadership Council, the head of the Southern Transitional Council, Aidarus al-Zoubaidi, to Prime Minister Ahmed Awad bin Mubarak, without knowing the details and clauses of the project and whether it would benefit Aden Port.

The circulated letter from al-Zoubaidi to bin Mubarak talks about signing an agreement with the Abu Dhabi Ports Group for “joint” investment with the Aden Ports Corporation. It mentions that a ministerial committee is “close to finalizing the agreement for joint investment between the Abu Dhabi Ports Group and the Aden Ports Corporation.”

The letter indicates that any previous ministerial decision regarding the registration of the Aden Port Development Company in the free zone as an investment project replaces the first operator in all operations related to the station, including rights and obligations.

It adds that the company will have a legal personality, with financial, administrative, and technical regulations in place at the station to remain in accordance with international maritime and trade practices, as stated in the document.

This Houthi-Brotherhood alignment is not the first; it was preceded by coordination and cooperation to thwart the project of establishing a telecommunications company in partnership between the Yemeni General Corporation for Telecommunications and an Emirati company, which aims to develop mobile and internet services to end the Houthi militia’s monopoly on this project.

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