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Financial Express: Netanyahu faces his worst nightmares domestically and internationally due to the Gaza War

The Indian newspaper “Financial Express” confirmed that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu‘s government is facing severe international and local criticism for prolonging the Gaza war without achieving any of its alleged objectives. Thousands protested in Israel, demanding new elections and the return of hostages.

Hamas stated that the recent Israeli airstrikes on Gaza resulted in the death or disappearance of at least 50 people.

The Government Information Office of the Ministry of Health in Gaza reported that 38 bodies were brought to the Baptist Hospital. The office also noted that 14 people are missing under the rubble of houses and buildings near the Batsh area in the Al-Tuffah neighborhood. There were also reports of another airstrike in the Al-Shati area near Gaza City.

Israeli Earthquake

According to the newspaper, the Israeli army issued a statement saying that fighter jets bombed “Hamas military infrastructure” sites near Gaza City. A medical rescue team worker in the area described the airstrike on the Al-Shati camp as feeling like an “earthquake.”

The worker said, “There are entire families under the destroyed houses.”

The newspaper added that this airstrike was reported a day after the International Committee of the Red Cross highlighted the killing of 22 people in a separate strike on civilians who had taken refuge in southern Gaza, putting Netanyahu in a major predicament with the increasing massacres in Gaza.

Continuous Bombing

The newspaper explained that Israel has not stopped its continuous bombing of Gaza despite condemnation from all over the world due to the heavy losses and deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Palestinian territory.

It continued that Israeli occupation forces arrested a wounded Palestinian youth on the hood of a military jeep. The video captured showed the man tied to the jeep passing between two ambulances. The Israeli army admitted to violating the protocol and said, “It will investigate the matter.”

The newspaper pointed out that Netanyahu‘s government is facing sharp criticism from its citizens over its handling of the Gaza war, with thousands of demonstrators in Tel Aviv on Saturday demanding a new government and the return of hostages held in Gaza.

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