Won $4 Million and Died… What’s the Truth Behind the Video of a Man Dying in a Casino?

Social media users have circulated a video of a man, claiming that he died of a heart attack after winning $4 million in a casino in Singapore.

In the video, the man is seen lying on the ground while someone attempts to assist him amidst the screams of a woman kneeling beside him, who social media users claim is his wife.

The Open Source International page, which shared the video yesterday on “X,” alleged that the man won $4 million in the Marina Bay Casino in Singapore but suffered a heart attack due to excitement and thrill, leading to his death.

Several commentators doubted the authenticity of the man’s death news, while others questioned why CPR procedures were not performed on him, and only his shirt was opened.

It remains unclear whether the news is true or not, or if the man actually died, as the news has not been reported by local Singaporean or international newspapers so far.

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