Brothers force Syrian girl living in Turkey to close his YouTube channel

A video posted on social media of a young Syrian girl living in Turkey who says that she should close her YouTube channel two years after its opening.

The Syrian girl did not indicate the reasons that pushed her to decide this step, but at the end of the video she said, “I want to tell you something.” Then she stopped and made a movement with her hands. This move was a sign of Rabiaa, referring to the involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to force her to close his accounts.

Everyone knows the story of the Brethren’s incitement and involvement, whether for individuals or states, in various ways, including influential people in the media, or on social media, to push them to follow their destructive political path, with insulting their country or other Arab countries, and if they refuse, they threatened and frightened them.


The Turkish-backed Muslim Brotherhood does this because they have a permanent hate for citizenship, and its founder, Hassan Al-Benna, carried the idea of ​​hatred of the state, fighting against it and diffuse the antagonism of society, and he also wanted to target the national state with the caliphate. He sought to separate the society from each other, and trying to prevent its union and it is rare to find among the Islamists someone who supports the national state.

For example, in Egypt, they always say in sedition nets: We are not terrorists, then they come back with aggressive calls to target the Egyptian army including, Mohamed Nasser, Wagdy Ghoneim, Moataz Matar and Ayat Arabi, they denounce their inclusion on terrorist lists, then incite the murder of the officers and their families, as one of them said: Your wives and daughters are not far from where we live.

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