Death of a Child Forgotten by her Father in the Car While he Went to Work

A four-year-old girl took her last breath in Brazil after her father forgot her in the car amidst extreme heat.

The girl, Giel de Oliveira, died on Wednesday in the state of Bahia after her father left her alone in the car for several hours.

According to the British newspaper “Metro”, the father was supposed to take the girl to school, but he left her in the back seat of his car while he was at work.

At that time, temperatures in the city reached 31 degrees Celsius.

The girl’s mother called her school to check on her daughter, who had shown symptoms similar to flu earlier that morning, but the school’s principal informed the mother around three o’clock in the afternoon that the girl had not originally attended school that day.

The father rushed to the car after the mother’s call and attempted to save his daughter’s life, then notified the police, according to military police statements.

Emergency services in Brazil declared the girl dead at the scene. The civil police arrested her father (40 years old) who faces charges of involuntary manslaughter.

However, the father claimed that he “forgot” his sleeping daughter in the back of his car when he went to work that day.

He was released on bail pending criminal investigation.

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