Four Brothers Sentenced to Death for Killing Egyptian with Guns and Knives

After being convicted of killing a person with guns and knives, an Egyptian court decided to refer the files of four defendants to the Grand Mufti to obtain his religious opinion on their execution.

In details, a criminal court in Shubra El-Kheima in the Al-Qalyubiya province, north of the country, sentenced to death by hanging four brothers accused of killing a person due to a previous dispute in the Qanatir Al Khayriyah district.

According to the referral order of the accused, the brothers, aged between 20 and 26 years old, “deliberately murdered the victim with premeditation and premeditation on November 30, 2022”.

The accused assaulted the victim with knives and shot him with firearms due to previous disputes between them.

The murder was associated with another offense, as the criminals also intentionally murdered another person to prevent him from defending the first victim. They physically assaulted him.

The prosecution also charged the criminals with “illegal possession of firearms, ammunition, and white weapons (knives) without a compelling legal reason” and the court decided to refer the defendants’ files to the Grand Mufti for their execution.

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