Did the Muslim Brotherhood turn against the Turkish regime?

The Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to exploit humanitarian issues to achieve its suspicious political goals.

According to an article by writer Haila Al-Mushowih in the Saudi newspaper “Okaz,” the exploitation of humanitarian issues by the Muslim Brotherhood is not surprising, especially for those who witnessed what was called the “Arab Spring” and the penetration of the Brotherhood organization through slogans supporting popular causes and fueling religious and humanitarian sentiments, leading to condemnation of Arab governments and calls for their overthrow, all while witnessing scenes of destruction and bloodshed.

Al-Mushowih wrote, “Today we are witnessing a strange situation of trading in humanitarian issues by the cadre and symbols of the Brotherhood who quickly aligned themselves against the Turkish government, raising slogans rejecting racism against Syrians in Turkey!”

She asked, “If Turkey did not take action against the Muslim Brotherhood and strip them of all their previous means of empowerment and expel them from its territories, and if it did not seek to strengthen its relations with the countries in the region, would the Brotherhood take the same position regarding the issue of racism against Arabs in Turkey?”

And she answered, “Of course not, no senior or junior Brotherhood member would dare utter a word or write anything in support of the Syrian people. The Syrian issue, as a whole, is within the sight and hearing of the party, and we have not witnessed any positive stance from them in this regard, nor have we heard any criticism or demands to receive Syrian refugees over the past decade and a half since the influx of displaced people to Europe and other Arab countries. This issue does not require sophistication or further analysis, especially since this collective position of the Muslim Brotherhood coincided perfectly with the visit of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.”

The writer emphasized that the humanitarian plays of the Brotherhood against the Turkish government have emerged as a means of pressure and a display of the organization’s strength in igniting public Islamic opinion against Turkey, which used to be their refuge, the target of their praise and poetry, and the recipient of their admiration, but now has become perceived as unjust and racist, just because it seeks to solidify its relations with Arab countries, particularly Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

She added that social media is currently filled with poetic comments condemning Turkey and describing it as racist. Tweets from Brotherhood accounts denounce the Turkish regime, starting with innuendo and then becoming explicit, leading to divisions within the organization itself.

She wondered, “How did a significant faction of this party, classified as a terrorist organization in many countries, turn from being adorers who praised the virtues of the Turks and their goodness and acted as agents of praise and poetry for President Erdogan, to being opponents of the Turkish regime? The answer is that this organization is politically unsuccessful, and its calculations backfire with disasters and calamities. It is merely a consumable organization and a political pawn tossed around by international bureaucracy and political interests, and once it is done with, it is burned in the dumps of politics, neither mourned nor pitied, along with all its senior and junior cadre.”

She concluded her article by saying, “An important rule that the Brotherhood did not grasp due to their ignorance and poverty in the most basic principles of politics: traitors to their homelands are defeated at the first political turning point, and they retreat as losers, submissive and broken”.

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