Due to “gynophobia,” a man isolates himself for half a century

For more than half a century, the elderly man, Kalitex Nzamwita, has lived in complete isolation from the world in his home located in Rwanda. He is surrounded by a four-meter-high fence.

Kalitex Nzamwita was sixteen years old when he decided to isolate himself in this place due to his extreme fear of women. He couldn’t bear to be in the presence of women near him or even speak to them. For this reason, he built a wooden fence around his modest home and has not left the house since then.

What’s remarkable is that the women of his tribe did not despise Mr. Nzamwita but sympathized with him and understood his phobia.

Instead of trying to approach him, they took care of him from a distance. They placed food and clothes in the courtyard of his home. Despite his unusual condition, Nzamwita accepted the help from the women and used the things they provided him, saying about his condition, “I do not want women around me because they intensify my fear. I have locked myself in here and surrounded my house with a fence to ensure that women do not come near me.”

It is still unclear whether Nzamwita’s condition represents an actual case of xenophobia, an extremely rare condition described as “pathological and irrational fear of women.”

Phobia is not just a fear but includes significant efforts by those afflicted to avoid the uncontrollable source of fear. In some cases, individuals with what is known as “phobia” may experience panic attacks when facing the source of their phobia.

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