Elon Musk Mocks Facebook and Instagram Outage… What Did He Say?

Elon Musk mocked the sudden outage that hit the Facebook and Instagram platforms in a post on his platform X which he owns.

In his post on X, Musk said, followed by a mocking manner also of Meta and its platforms, “If you see this post, it means our platform is working.”

The image posted by Musk shows three penguins wearing logos of Meta‘s platforms, saluting another penguin wearing the X platform logo.

A technical outage affected the Facebook and Instagram platforms Tuesday night, lasting about an hour and a half, causing a widespread disruption of their services across the globe.

Some users reported being logged out of their Instagram and Facebook accounts, preventing them from logging back in.

Some WhatsApp users also encountered issues sending and receiving messages through the world’s most popular messaging app.

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