Fabrication and Falsification of Facts: Collusion Between Al-Qaeda and Houthis to Undermine the United Arab Emirates

While attention is focused on the ongoing conflict in the Red Sea, Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has released a new edition of its magazine “Inspire” through its media arm “Al-Malahem.” Titled “Inspire’s Guidance on the BBC Documentary ‘American Mercenaries: Assassination Missions in Yemen’,” on April 3 of this month.

This release comes in response to the documentary previously published by the BBC in January to draw public attention after the failure of the film supported by the Houthis. The documentary addressed the UAE’s funding of assassination operations in Yemen involving American contractors.

The fabricated film, prepared by the Houthis Nawal Al-Maghafi and the Muslim Brotherhood affiliate Baraa Shibban, broadcast by the BBC, raised a serious question: the file of the assassination of thousands of Southern cadres, orchestrated by the authorities in Sana’a, and involving several countries, some in disagreement with the Southern regime and others seeking to destabilize the region and access to this dark tunnel.

The blatant manipulation of facts about assassinations has prompted the Southern people to mobilize to document the files of assassinations of thousands of Southern cadres since the declaration of Yemeni unity in 1990, until the latest series of assassinations captured in Aden. This series is supervised by Colonel Amjad Khalid, from Turbah in Taiz province, sponsored by the Houthis and the Muslim Brotherhood, as well as by foreign countries.

Today, we see an opportunity to urgently call on the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council and friendly countries to establish a special body to prepare and document all the files of assassinations committed in recent years, and to leverage the capacities and expertise of international organizations concerned with this issue. All these files should be submitted to the relevant local and international courts, and all perpetrators should be prosecuted.

The relationship between the UAE, the Transitional Council, and Britain is deep. This is why the Houthis and the infiltrated Muslim Brotherhood within the BBC wanted to disrupt this relationship.

Collusion Between Al-Qaeda and Houthis

Dr. Abdul Karim Al-Ansi, Yemeni political analyst and president of the organization Yemen First, says that the political support provided by the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen and abroad is like oxygen for the Houthis, which reinforces their presence in the Yemeni scene in general and in the South in particular.

Alongside peace efforts, the terrorist Houthi militias have escalated military aggression on several internal battlefronts, undermining peace efforts and hindering UN initiatives to consolidate the ceasefire and advance talks, due to the irresponsible actions of the Houthis.

The continued obstinacy of the militias towards any process leading to lasting peace in Yemen, the release of the abducted and detained individuals in their prisons, and their engagement in battles and military attacks, show to Yemenis, especially, and to the international community in general, that they are closed to any forthcoming peace initiatives.

Defamatory Documentary?

The documentary supported by the Houthis failed to achieve its goals. And in the face of the lies propagated by Nawal Al-Maghafi, a pro-Houthi Yemeni and collaborator of the Muslim Brotherhood, on this subject.

Lack of evidence: The documentary lacks tangible evidence to support its claims of the presence of American mercenaries in Yemen.

Clear bias: The documentary shows clear bias towards the Houthis and aims to tarnish the image of the United States and the United Arab Emirates.

Use of misinformation: The documentary relies on misinformation and dissemination of false information to incite anger and hatred.

Failure to achieve objectives: The documentary failed to convince viewers of the presence of American mercenaries in Yemen.

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