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Have the Muslim Brotherhood Become Israel’s Media Spokesperson? Details

The media outlets of the Muslim Brotherhood are targeting the Egyptian regime, exploiting the events of the Israeli aggression on Gaza and its humanitarian and political repercussions.

In an article by Diaa Rashwan, head of the Egyptian State Information Service, he examines the performance of the Muslim Brotherhood’s media directed against Egypt, both traditional and on social media.

He wrote in his article: “The Brotherhood’s media present nothing new in terms of coverage. They merely rebroadcast and republish what Arab and international media report, without any addition in terms of news or analysis. They host the same small group of so-called “experts and specialists” to attack and incite against the regime in Egypt by any means, regardless of their legitimacy, truthfulness, or accuracy. These media exploit the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip with all its horrific and bloody humanitarian details solely to achieve their “reason for existence.”

The head of the Egyptian State Information Service added: “The biased media of the Brotherhood and their constant orientation to distort the Egyptian regime make them see only artificial ‘negatives’ and fabricated ‘flaws’ in Egypt’s numerous movements since October 7, 2023, on all fronts: political, diplomatic, humanitarian, and relief, utilizing all their skills and expertise in falsification, twisting facts, and spreading false rumors, and all the methods and techniques that we have extensively documented and analyzed in many articles.”

He continued: “The tragic irony of the sources relied upon by the Brotherhood’s media to distort Egypt’s firm and declared positions towards the Israeli aggression and its support for the Palestinian people is that the vast majority of these sources are Israeli media, which broadcast information from ‘anonymous Israeli officials’ deliberately and, of course, falsely.”

Rashwan mentioned that the Brotherhood’s media have turned into a mere “mouthpiece” for Israeli black propaganda against their own country, Egypt, “to punish” it for its declared and firm principled positions in support of the Palestinian people and their just cause, and to alleviate the tragedy they suffer in the Gaza Strip.

Rashwan pointed out that the Brotherhood’s media deliberately and consistently ignore two main sources for understanding Egypt’s firm and declared positions: the Palestinian people themselves in the Gaza Strip, and the repeated public statements of several Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and some of his ministers, who attack Egypt by accusing it of providing all kinds of material and moral support to the Palestinian resistance in the Gaza Strip.

Rashwan concludes his article by stating: “The Brotherhood’s media do nothing in their ‘crooked’ and unethical, and certainly unprofessional, coverage of Israel’s war on Gaza except divert attention away from this central event and its utmost importance to the Palestinian cause and its brotherly people, attempting, without any success, to exploit it to achieve their ‘reason for existence,’ which is to attack and distort the Egyptian regime.”

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